• Nature & Nurture
    our educational vision

    we seek to identify the unique natural
    traits and aspirations of every child.

  • Lessons from Life
    & Not just Books

    We believe in imparting lessons
    which are derived from life itself.

  • Having Fun Matters
    At Goodwill

    We are not bound by the
    All Work and No Play badage.

A Friendly school having proud of their students


Stage Exposure

Stage exposure support children's innovative articulation, confidence and translation abilities to empower them for a better future. It is an important part of a child's emotional development and self-conviction.


Dancing is an approach to enable children to find body coordination and body mindfulness. While investing in quality energy with their companions, dance supports their body adaptability and confidence


Stories have the ability to make magic and a sense of adventure in the classroom. Stories are an incredible approach to show kids about existence, about ourselves as well as other people.


Young kids deal with frustration most typically by crying and throwing toys. When they learn proper and healthy breathing techniques and tools to focus the mind, they begin to react in the best way in any situation.


Pretty much from the moment of their birth, children respond to music. Musical nursery rhymes help your child learn to talk. Singing activities for kids at our school create a happy and relaxed atmosphere for them.


Poetry activities are fun and engaging and can keep kids happy and occupied for quite a long time. They learn through poetry that makes them build a keen interest in their learning languages without any difficulties

Puzzle Solving

At first,kids use trial and learn techniques to solve the puzzles and this part needs focus and right coordination of eye and hand. We help them solve puzzles regularly so that they can learn while playing


Painting improves children's imagination. It adds up to the pre-composing abilities and they develop grasping power by holding hues and drawing shapes. Painting is a healthy source for children to express themselves.

Special Attention for Every Child

The GOODWILL school gladly accepts children of every race, religion, social-economic position and academic ability. We hold it to be of paramount importance to regard each child as a unique individual and watchful care is maintained for his or her special characteristics, talents, needs and difficulties.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

~ Margaret Mead

Learning Environment

At Goodwill kindergarten, we thoughtfully develop learning environment where kids come first and learning happens through a partnership between student and teacher.

Professional Teachers

Our professional teachers believe that instructing a classroom of energetic young kids require patience, dedication and an engaging lesson plan to hold their attention.

Programs for Everyone

Students who are actively engaged in the classroom are likely to learn more and retain information longer. Because of this, we incorporate activities for getting students fully engaged with course content.


Happy Students


Teaching Hours


Days of Learning


Innovative Methods

School Facilities

EveryDay Care for your Children ...

At Goodwill Kindergarten, we offer the best and most innovative infrastructure for our little ones with a view towards ensuring their holistic and all-round development.

Happy Children , Happy Parents

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We give our children a learning environment & contribute to their success!

At the Goodwill Kindergarten children are provided with a positive environment to learn and are given experiences and support that help them develop a positive sense of themselves and others, as well as good social skills and respect for each other.

  • We Provide Quality Education
  • Healthy Foods for Children
  • Smaller Classes & Individual attention
  • Friendly & Positive Learning Environment
  • Character Build-up & Comprehensive Reporting
  • Arrangment of Summer Camps & Special Events