In our Playgroup there is a strong emphasis on rhythm, repetition and imitation. Domestic, artistic and craft activities are combined with generous amounts of free play time where children are given plenty of opportunity to play using beautiful multi functional natural play materials which stimulate their imaginations and allow them to grow and develop in their play under the warm supportive care of their teachers. Activities include baking, sewing, weaving, modeling, drawing, painting and woodwork. Natural materials are used in our Kindergartens, developing the children’s connection with nature and creating opportunities for them to experience in a sensory way the beauty in the natural world around us.

The mixed ages within each group emulate a large and lively extended family where children can learn through imitation, the most natural and holistic way to learn. Each day includes a ring time where their teacher leads children in songs, rhymes and movement. The content reflects the season and what is going on in the world outside. Teachers combine songs and rhymes that appeal to the younger children with more challenging elements to stretch the older children in the group.

The Kindergarten celebrates seasonal festivals throughout the year and they will be reflected in the crafts, songs and stories around that time, for few festivals parents are invited to share in too.

Each day has a regular healthy organic snack associated with it. Children are offered for mid-morning snack, enabling them to truly engage with what is eaten together later on.  At snack time when the table is laid, with help from the children, then snack is eaten together, a social time of sharing, the children help to serve each other and all wait to start eating until each child has been served.

Parents have an option of booking their children in to stay for lunch and afternoon care. Lunch time takes place in one of the kindergarten rooms and is supervised by the classroom assistants, after lunch the children from all the Kindergarten groups have free play.