Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Goodwill Kindergarten is an institution backed by several core philosophies. Some of our key philosophies behind the founding and running of this institution include the following-

  1. Nature & Nurture- This is one of the core concepts powering our educational vision here at Goodwill Kindergarten. We seek to identify the unique natural traits and aspirations of every child. Thereafter, we adopt a thoughtful curriculum and life lessons which are tailored towards helping him/her realize his/her natural aptitudes, talents and potential in a manner which is not imposing but friendly with ample scope for self-learning and discovery. It is this concept of nurturing that drives our faculty members.
  2. Lessons from Life & Not just Books- We believe in imparting lessons which are derived from life itself. Life is the best teacher as everyone would agree and our quest to shape young minds is not just limited to books and other regular methods of instruction. Instead, we prioritize awareness and understanding of natural environments and the world at large. We seek to inculcate values which are taught by life, namely sharing, teamwork, trust, sincerity, honesty, respect and integrity which are some of the most valuable lessons that young children can learn.
  3. Having Fun Matters- At Goodwill Kindergarten we are not bound by the All Work and No Play adage. We see to it that our children have a ball each day and look forward to coming back to school again the next day. We offer all the facilities and infrastructure necessary to make playtime fun and engaging along with a bevy of other activities and creative learning methods that are designed to engage and connect with children in a special way.

Goodwill Kindergarten seeks to manifest these core philosophies en route towards producing the next generation of path breakers, visionaries, technocrats, artistes, performers, educationists, social revolutionaries and more!