Goodwill Kindergarten offers specialized pre-nursery programs tailored for toddlers who are between the ages of 1-2. These programs are tailored in a manner which helps them participate in novel, fun and engaging activities while benefiting from invaluable life lessons that are disseminated through the same. Our curriculum comprises of innovative learning solutions, activities, pretend play, discovery based learning solutions and several opportunities for toddlers to satiate their thirst for knowledge.

Our pre-nursery programs offer constructive activities for toddlers to engage in and these have been created especially for their interest and learning. We also seek to foster the building of bonds with peers with a view towards enabling the learning of values like teamwork, sharing and honesty above all else. Our educators are specially trained to contribute towards the social, cognitive and creative development of toddlers with learning that is fun and topped up with stories, anecdotes, laughter and games!


The Nursery curriculum at Goodwill Kindergarten is specially crafted for children of 3 years or age or above. This curriculum level seeks to take things a bit further in terms of more insightful playtime and teaching that is specially tailored to suit the needs of children of this age. We seek to ignite the natural curiosity of children and help them gain a better understanding of their spatial and natural environments along with helping them imbibe key values and philosophies from this tender age itself. Our nursery curriculum seeks to make learning more engaging and to this end, we employ several techniques including storytelling, music, dance, creative activities and excursions.

We also make use of the latest technological innovations in order to make learning more engaging for our children. They learn timeless values while interacting and playing with their peers at the same time. They also learn to be responsible and sincere through our intelligently developed curriculum


Goodwill Kindergarten offers a special Kindergarten level curriculum for children who are between 5 and 6 years of age. Our Kindergarten curriculum encompasses several innovative teaching methods including field trips, pretend play, activities, games, smart classes, music, dance and other activities towards inculcating life lessons in children and also contributing towards their cognitive and social development at large. Our little ones learn greater self-sufficiency and can grasp concepts and tasks more easily with our specialized curriculum for this purpose.

Our specially trained educators ensure that the pursuit of knowledge becomes a more fun and engaging exercise for our children while equipping them and preparing them for the next switch towards the formal school based educational curriculum that is to follow. Our curriculum has been tailored in a manner which gives our kids an edge when it comes to knowledge gathering, responsibility, creativity and the ability to think and ask questions.

Day Boarding/Daycare

Goodwill Kindergarten offers a convenient day boarding or daycare provision for the convenience and peace of mind of parents. In today’s times, busy parents often have little time to devote to their wards and in this context, entrusting them to our care for the entire day will leave you contented knowing that your child is safe, secure and happily engaged for a large part of the day.

Our day boarding facility comes with healthy and nourishing meals and snacks for out little ones in tandem with a plethora of activities and lessons that keep them creatively and productively engaged for the entire day. We have tailored our systems and processes in a manner which keeps children away from any stress, fatigue or overwork.

With seamless transportation, medical facilities and security provisions in place, parents can be assured of a fulfilling and happy experience for their wards who opt for the day boarding provision at Goodwill Kindergarten