Customizing children's exposure with digital media and internet

Our kids are the part of a digital generation. All the needs and requirements are just one click away. Facilities are not only limited to entertainment but kids get a learning aid by using these media services. Kids get the exposure to these media by Internet (mobiles, tablets, personal tablets) and television

It is very tough that one guardian is always guarding the kids while using all these gadgets. But by getting a little alert with the monitoring, parents can regulate their exposure in various ways as follows:


1. Kiddle – Visual Search Engine for Kids: Kiddle is a very colourful kid-friendly browser. It is actually powered by Google, especially for kids. It features a funny red robot on a red planet for the kids. Instead of the word Google, Kiddle is used at the main page and the search bar. Just like Google, below the search bar, kids can either look for images, Web, Kimages (images from Kiddle encyclopedia), video, and Kpedia. If you see a page that you consider inappropriate for kids, just click on the “Site blocking