1. Storg background :- Goodwill is a well-established pre-school having extensive experience in the education domain.
  2. Training Support :-Goodwill Management will offer in depth training & guidance to teachers & other support staff.
  3. Support System :-Goodwill has a dedicated team to guide franchise an academic, operational, financial and marketing aspects.


Goodwill Kindergarten has been founded by renowned educationists who started the Goodwill Public School in the year 1979. This is one educational brand that is trusted and has won the confidence of parents and students over the years. Goodwill Kindergarten owes much of its USPs to novel teaching practices, skilled and trained educators, smart teaching systems, innovative and fun learning sessions, games and activities and of course, the best infrastructure and facilities for little ones. The focus here is to emphasize on holistic and fulfilling learning solutions for children with the very best in terms of facilities. Choosing Goodwill Kindergarten gives you an opportunity to be part of a growing and ever-expanding educational movement that is fast winning hearts for its unique philosophies, specialized teaching and tech-savvy curriculum. Opting for a Goodwill Kindergarten franchise automatically links you to the core values of trust, honesty and sincerity that we stand for. The reputation of the educational brand apart, we are also known for our emphasis on best practices in terms of education and infrastructure. Franchises can expect abundant goodwill and extensive support in terms of branding, curriculum and other processes that make us unique. This is an opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing educational mission that is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation. Our chequered legacy is itselfa major reason to partner with us.


Setting up a Goodwill Kindergarten franchise involves meeting a few vital requirements. We are continually on the lookout for business partners who love children and are passionate about taking our educational movement forward. We seek partners who have the commitment towards building fulfilling, productive, successful and long-term relationships with Goodwill Kindergarten.
Our requirements include the following:

  1. An innate love for children
  2. Desire to impart quality education and spread happiness amongst little ones
  3. Passion to taste success as an entrepreneur
  4. Long-term Business Vision and strategy
  5. Investment capabilities between Rs.10-25 lakhs
  6. 2000-2500 sq. ft. of built-up space in a good residential locality, ideally on the ground floor.


Goodwill Kindergarten offers comprehensive support and assistance to all franchises through the following means:

  1. License to use the Goodwill Kindergarten brand, synonymous with trust and educational excellence
  2. Access to innovatively tailored curriculum created specially for children of varying age groups
  3. Branding and Marketing Support all year round for scaling up admissions
  4. Training Programs throughout the year for better kindergarten processes and management
  5. Academic support on a regular basis for curriculum implementation
  6. Support and guidance for running daycare/day boarding facilities and activities
  7. Support with local marketing insights and maximization of brand awareness amongst target audiences
  8. Access to cutting edge software solutions and technologies for operations management
  9. Guidance for field trips, games, activities and other pursuits
  10. Frequent quality monitoring and supervision for enhanced performance
  11. Support for teacher selection, training, feedback and performance evaluation.
An area of investment 1500-2000 sq.ft(minimum)
Investment starting 8-15 lacs ₹
Like minded people

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