Fun things to do with kids this summer


Need help in thinking about kid-friendly activities for this summer?

Our previous post was about watching movies with kids to get some lessons out of entertainment. Here are few fun ways to engage your kids this summer and yes, they will learn how things works.


1.Bake cookies.

Everyone likes cookies, let’s bake some for this vacation. Here is the quick recipe link


2.Make ice-cream.

Ice-cream is always irresistible. It takes 20 minutes to make your own. Here’s the recipe for making yummy ice-cream.


3.Take them to the Zoo.

You can’t pet a chimpanzee at home, step out to a zoo and make your kids learn about our wild fellows.


4. Join swimming classes.

We Indians badly need to learn this sport as it’s a complete body workout. Water parks are the only place where we expose ourselves to water. Give it a try this summer, here are few pools around Delhi/NCR.


5.Visit some historical monuments.

Know your place and let your kids learn about it. The more they explore, the more they learn.