This is how to help your kid in developing creativity


This is how to help your kid in developing creativity.

You cannot plant imagination and creativity into your child, however you can provide an environment where they can grow creative without having a fear of getting messy.

Creativity can be defined as putting things into different ways, problem solving approach or seeing the wold with a different perspective. While some of us are born creative and others get the environment to think out of the box.
We can’t give people talents, but we can train the minds to gain access to creative way of seeing around.


1. Neatness is over-valued.

Don’t make your kids afraid of getting dirty. The ones who are restricted with rules are less exposed to creativity. Also it effects their immune system. They body grows into an ideal situation of tidiness. Take chances, get dirty, grow creative.


2. Kids who face repetitive limits train themselves to think inside the box.

    • Kids should be aware about safety issues. But let’s not stop them from painting the wall, managing the bookshelf or getting messy with the garden clay. It will not harm their hygiene, but it may result in exposing a new hobby.


3. Process should be the priority, not productivity.

When kids make art, you need to appreciate the thought of making an art. Rather than criticizing the composition, you must praise the thought. Sometimes they don’t finish a picture and rush out to some different job, you need to affirm how hard they are working on that picture.


4. Allow your kid to be different.

For most parents good grades matter a lot than being innovative and inventive. Let your kid to step out of the traditional ways, to see the world through his eyes. Kids need our support against the competitive culture.
Don’t fear about your kid not getting a good job in future, don’t stress them to become the best student of the class or in your community. Make them feel free to do whatever they want to be.


5. Let them experiment with manageable messes

Let them play around and get messy with household stuff that they can clean up. Like water on the floor, colour that unbreakable bowl with anything, colouring eggs or even smashing eggs into bowl.


6. Make art supplies available to them

Provide a space that can be easily accessed, cleaned and having the art supplies. It should include washable markers, art papers, fabrics, pencils, colours and everything safe to play with. Colouring books don’t help much, plain paper does a much better job, as it has infinite possibilities. Basic activity building blocks are better than complex building games, as they have infinite possibilities. While sophisticated building materials have a fixed pattern. It develops problem solving abilities in kids.


7. Make creative art play easy

In case your kid can perform art activities without your help, then you just need to support him. You just need to supervise about the management so that your kid can make art without worrying. You need to make rules for working like placing the crayons in place after use so that they can be easily accessible next time, using a newspaper down whenever we paint.

If you add few activities like mentioned above, you can help your kid to stay focussed and curious at the same time. And make sure you feed your kids with appropriate answers.


8. Encourage them to create together

Creativity is not an individual pursuit, it is more rewarding when more people work together. Collaboration with fellow kids can generate more ideas and it will help them learning the team spirit.

It helps them to prevent kids from being dependent on gadgets to entertain themselves. Kids who are addicted to screens are more likely to feel bored than the other ones. This engagement will help them develop new skills and ideas.