How to make kids manage their homework


Homework looks very irritating and hard to do for kids. But teachers give homework to their students with a special purpose. Homework is considered the best means of adding and sustaining information and skills in your kid’s mind about what they learn at school. Homework is very beneficial as it helps develop study skills, time management skills, independence and responsibility in your kid.


    • Make sure that your kid gets a quiet place to study which is free of distractions, away from the TV and video games. If there are many distractions in the surroundings of your kid, then it won’t be possible for him/ her to get full concentration on their homework.


    • Teach your kid how to manage time. With the proper time-management and organizational skills, kids learn how to make the best use of time and be ahead of everyone else. Make a homework planner. Help your kid figure out an estimated amount of time per subject needed each night for homework.


    • Set a proper place for your kid to do homework. That place should be near to guardian where they can look at what their kid is doing and can help them with their homework. For example, in your house, the dining room can be used as a multi-purpose study/craft room. In daily routine, mothers can cook food and look for their kid’s work side by side. Moreover, the kid will get the proper attention and desirable time while doing the homework.


    • Check your kid’s work weekly as what they are doing their subjects and if there is any big project that is coming their way.


    • Routine is important. Kids should make homework a routine. As a parent, you should ensure that your kids do their homework each day. As many kids have a daily routine to go and play out every evening, getting their homework done right after school is the golden key.


    • Regularize their time according to the activities they do. Sit down with your kids to decide together what the guidelines will be for completing homework. For example, kids can watch a television show only after they show their homework is completed. Once kids realize this, homework will be completed regularly and it will become a habit.

    • Teach kids about the importance of homework. Homework can become a burden for both kids and parents but showing interest in their work as a parent will encourage them. Kids will find it even more difficult if parents will force them to do homework but will not show any support regarding this. Try to set up parameters as the parent for how involved you can be and will try to be helping their kids with homework.


Lastly, be in contact with your kid’s teacher on a regular basis. You will get a sight of what is the level of your kid’s work. Try to work out a plan to help your kids with any difficulty they face.