How to teach your kids Moral values


You help kids develop their moral compasses by teaching your kids moral values. The morals your kids learn will become the vision by which they will see the world and will behave. It may be very tough to explain the importance of basic morals like honesty or compassion to your kid. By showing your kids how these good morals can change other person can have a great influence on them. As a parent, your duty is to teach morals to your kids to help them learn these morals and become a better person.


    • First step is to gain knowledge of basic morals that are important for your children. Know the morals that you feel are most important. Every parent wants their kid to be honest, compassionate, kind, respectful, responsible and generous. But it may become too confusing for your kids to understand. Teach them these morals one at a time.


    • Rank morals for your kids and teach them by emphasizing its importance. Kids can learn the basic words, but they should learn the ways to show these morals. They should use them according to the situations the might be in at some point of time.

    • Do encourage self-direction to your kids. This can is done by explaining how to understand the feelings of their actions. Self-direction means teaching your children how to use their own feelings and sense of responsibility. This helps them decide whether something is right or wrong. They should realize that how they need to analyze the situation and to decide the action.


    • You should talk to your kids and create several stories where they will analyze their feelings to make a choice. Like a friend fighting with another or taking a toy that doesn’t belong to them.

    • Tell them the natural consequences of bad choices. This teaches your kids to look ahead the moment to see what their actions will follow in future. For instance, if your kid fights with friends, tell him/her that one day their friends may not to play with them.


    • Teach them that those good morals also have good consequences. Always being responsible means that someone may ask for his or her help and always being kind to others could help them have more friends to play with.

    • Be a good example for your kids to follow when it comes to morality. If you try to teach your kid good morals but do not follow those morals yourself, you send a mixed and confusing message to your kid.


It is important to show morality in your dealings with your kids, even more than with other people. Show compassion by taking time to listen. Your kids will soon learn through your example. Not only is morality important, but a desirable way to deal with others.