Improving concentration in children

Is your kid having problems concentrating or focusing on studies and normal activities?

Usually, many kids have difficulty focusing on their work. They are not very attentive to what is going on in their surroundings. As this is usual, remedies for this problem are also normal and easy.

Sharp concentration can be natural or can be improved by practice. For some kids focusing is not a God gift. Some may work on their concentration on their own by practicing.

If your kids are doing something in which they are very much interested or that activity is their hobby, then, the concentration at that time will be very natural and high. They don’t have to put efforts in concentrating on that activity.



Concentration is not only important but also very necessary. Distraction or lack of concentration in activities can make your kids lazy and inactive. Kids with lack of concentration usually have low willpower. Well, there are many reasons for this lack of concentration.

Concentration is not a skill related to the IQ level of an individual. It is a natural skill which every individual can develop by practicing.

So, what is the main reason behind this problem? Some of more to be found reasons are:

  • Genetic deficiencies.
  • Eating unhealthy food.
  • Family circumstances.
  • Physical bullying.

  • Genetic deficiencies:

Hormonal problems are very common. It can be seen in every 5th individual of our country. Genetic issues or problems leave a very strong mark on our life like Dyslexia. We are very much like our parents or grandparents. Because of this genetic issue, some kids are born with a lack of concentration. But this not means the child can’t develop high concentration power he/she can by practicing.


  • Eating unhealthy food:

Kids eating habits play a very important role in the daily activity. What are they eating? When are they eating? How are they eating? All are serious which play a very important role in a kid’s life. Parents should take care of their kids that they should not have excessive junk food or kind of spicy food because of the meal habit effect in concentration skill. Eating more junk will your make kids lousy and lazy. They don’t feel like doing any work, even in their favourite hobbies.

  • Family circumstances:

Sometimes issues of the family can affect kid concentration power like fighting or divorce cases are going in a family. Disturbances make kids think about making harmony with others and themselves. In this process, they are unable to think very clearly and feel bored soon. So, never fight or abuse in front kids as they learn from their elders. They copy the behavior of their parents as to how they are sitting or, how they are talking about or, how they are eating.


  • Physical bullying:

A parent should always ensure that their kids are not suffering from any kind of bullying because this thing your kid will never easily tell you. This is your responsibility to ensure that they are safe and feel free in any activity they participate. Stay in contact with teachers and friends of your child. Because of bullying kids not even concentrate but also they suffer from self-esteem feeling too.



Developing a confident attitude can be the stepping stone for success. But the most important thing for developing confident attitude is to encourage your kid in their every activity. Make them believe that they can achieve what they want to achieve. Support them in their hobbies and dreams. Teach them to solve problems to their own. Confidence is made by believing that is made by inspiration. Keep inspiring your kid.