Teach your kids about team work


Life is tougher for your kid as he/she grows but if they have the right mates and know how to work as a team, it will be easier and fun for them. Teaching your kids how to work as a team is very important and vital for their growth. Benefits for your kid to work as part of a team are that it will strengthen his/her social and emotional skills. This will help them develop their communication skills and improves confidence.


    • Teamwork is a social activity which involves interaction and exchange of ideas and actions. Being part of a team enables your kid to move from individual ways of thinking to communicate with others. Teamwork can be fun. And a kid with teamwork skills finds a world full of opportunities and good experiences.


    • This teaches your kid how to do work in collaboration. It is a constructive way to know the members of the team with whom your kid would be going to work with. Your child is experiencing plenty of team-based activities at school. It is also important to continue the practice of good teamwork at home also. Every individual is different. They have different ways of thinking. While working in a team, your gets exposed to various ideas. It improves critical thinking and decision making.

    • Many indoor and outdoor games with your kids encourage teamwork. Indoor games like various board games can inspire teamwork. Whether your child is in a team with friends, siblings, parents, or grandparents, it can be a fun time for young and old to play together.


    • Observe your kid with his team working skills during games. When your child is playing a game which needs to follow a leader, your kids must learn how to tackle the situation. This can be about who gets to be the leader, when each child’s turn in that role is up, how to resolve disputes.

    • These games need your kid to make game-specific decisions. Kids will also get challenged to learn general team-based life skills. These are emotional self-regulation, negotiation, problem-solving, compromise, and patience.


    • It is not necessary to learn team work only through sports. A great non-sports activity that can convey teamwork lessons too. They can be watching a movie or reading a book about team-based situations. Movies or books about sports teams are great choices. They often show common team situations. As a parent, you can turn these into interesting family discussion opportunities. By doing a weekly movie night or book group where each family member shares what they learned and how they plan to apply those lessons in their own lives.


Actually, the truth is that not all kids enjoy or excel at team sports. If your child is introvert and loves books, you can still teach teamwork. There are many ways to teach this. Any team-based activity can do a great job. Activities like cooking, gardening, serving food, washing utensils, bringing groceries can be useful. You can organize it as a family or group activity and assign each member a role. You can also invite your kid’s friends and ask them to take part in these activities to make it more enjoyable.